TONS OF SAVINGS Companies know that the process of hiring can be very costly and time consuming. Businesses using staffing agencies, instantly save on costs that would normally be spent on advertising, recruiting and interviewing applicants. Utilizing a staffing agency also save businesses from the lengthy but significant process of finding and screening applicants to make sure that one is fit for the job and that all other requirements are met prior to starting.
FLEXIBILE Companies gain a lot of flexibility from staffing agencies because of their large network of available workers. Hiring a staffing agency means you can have the support you need when you need it. Companies gain the flexibility to immediately fill positions to cover unexpected leaves such as maternity, sick, vacation, seasonal work and etc. Although the cost of a temp staff may be slightly higher than the regular; companies are not bound to provide 40 hours work. In addition, companies do not need to worry about dealing with any layoffs or downsizing.
ACCOUNTABILITY One of the benefits of using staffing agency rather than your in-house human resource department is that while your in-house HR has other equally important responsibilities, we can take away the stress of sourcing employees. Therefore, companies are guaranteed to have more support if a sudden need arises. We take away the hassle of conducting background checks, pre and post work interviews, as well as any other employee related queries.