We believe in the philosophy that the success of a company depends on the employees who dedicate their time to work and improve their craft. We provide a reliable, efficient staff that will match the dynamics of the workforce and the ongoing needs of local industry.

TEMPORARY HIRE Fargo Human Resources Inc.’s temporary staffing services help organizations meet their short-term needs to fill in for positions made vacant due to planned and/or unplanned factors such as absent/sick days, longer vacation periods and increase in workload demand. Companies that hire staffing agencies benefits from this service because they can continue to meet their working challenges without exceeding overhead cost (cost related to advertising, interviewing and recruiting employees) to meet company demands.
TEMPORARY TO PERMANENT HIRE Fargo Human Resources Inc.’s temp to permanent services allows a company to offer a permanent position to a temporary staff based on the evaluation provided by the company. Once all requirements are met, the company may then decide to bring over the temporary employee to their payroll system as a permanent staff.
LONG TERM HIRE Fargo Human Resources Inc. provides skilled and trained professionals for a fixed or flexible period at client’s location. This provides an opportunity for the client to control their head count and ensure in time recruitment for critical requirement avoiding the overheads of a full time employee.